Changes to Kirkland Signature infant formula

One day we went to Costco and the formula in the yellow container was GONE.

The next time we went, there was a new formula in a BLUE container.

This caused a lot of consternation.


The new formula is made by Perrigo, who also makes all the other store brand formulas. The old formula was made by Similac.

Cost Comparison

Costs are virtually identical, though a fraction of a cent higher for the new formula.

Formula One container yields this many prepared ounces Cost per container Cost per prepared ounce
Kirkland Signature Infant Formula (old/yellow) 261 oz prepared $15.99 $0.0612
Kirkland Signature ProCare (new/blue) 305 oz prepared $19.49 $0.0639

Despite the fact the nutrition is essentially identical to the Advantage formulas marketed under other store labels, the cost is significantly lower at Costco.


Nutrition is virtually identical, with slightly higher carbohydrate content, more inositol, and more iodine in the new formula. All the ingredients are still well within the FDA required ranges.

Containers and Labeling

kirkland signature infant formula
old: front of container
kirkland signature procare
new: front of container
kirkland signature infant formula nutritional information
old: nutritional information
kirkland signature procare nutritional information
new: nutritional information
kirkland signature infant formula mixing instructions
old: mixing instructions
kirkland signature procare mixing instructions
kirkland signature procare mixing instructions — note the 8.8 gram scoop size


Please note that the new formula has a larger scoop size of 8.8 grams. For those of you who prepare formula in bulk, please update your equations.

User Experience

Dr Baby reports that he has not noticed any difference in his formula.

Like all formula powders, this formula mixes more easily into hot water. It is not particularly foamy. It is not particularly anything. It’s just formula!

Dr Dad admits that he finds this new blue box very difficult to open, but that’s his only complaint.


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