TV Teletherapy

There are loads of high quality kids shows that can make it easier to handle specific situations. Like bibliotherapy, but TV!

Episodes and Links by Topic

    Many shows are available on Amazon Prime Video, especially the PBS Kids channel.

    Looking at scary things to see they’re not scary

    Daniel Tiger

    Daniel’s Sleepover/Backyard Camping
    TV-Y | 27min | Animation, Family | Episode aired 12 February 2013
    Season 1 | Episode 20

    song: See What It Is, You Might Feel Better

    Daniel and O are scared of thunder:

    Donkey Hodie

    Family activity — Why do things look different in the dark?

    Magic School Bus

    Season 3, Episode 5
    exploring optical illusions, how someone makes them think there’s a ghost

    Getting Vaccines

    Sid the Science Kid

    Daniel Tiger

    Sesame Street

    Growth Mindset/Embracing Failure

    Magic School Bus Rides Again

    Netflix – Season 2, episode 6 – Ready, Set, Fail!


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