Dr Dad’s Tips for Oral Medication

Medication Tips

  1. If your kiddo is getting oral medication, get lots of syringes. The pharmacy might only include one in the bag but will happily give you a dozen.
  2. Some pharmacies have a special stopper that will allow you to turn the bottle over and draw the medication out with a syringe much more neatly than sticking the syringe in the bottle. You can also buy them online.
  3. Before using each syringe, put scotch tape over the numbers. This will make the numbers last longer – you’d be surprised how quickly they wash off otherwise.
  4. For long term oral medication, get the Miracle O-Ring syringe. This O-ring will move smoothly for a very long time, unlike the regular black rubber plunger syringes, whose plungers get sticky within days.
  5. Luer tips have a screw-end to attach needles. Slip and catheter tips don’t. Usually we prefer to give medication with a slip tip syringe. (En-fit is a variation on the screw-end used for feeding tubes.)
Miracle O-Ring syringes have a silicone O-ring instead of a rubber plunger
Press-in syringe bottle adapters allow you to draw up liquid medications more easily, and not waste the last bits of medication


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